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Flash Barrandov - République Tchèque

Wednesday 24 August 2016 - 22:00
Cannes Destination Feux24
Festival d'Art Pyrotechnique - Pyrotechnics
Straight to the Heart


Flash Barrandov Special Effects Ltd., the biggest Czech Special Effects
Company, is situated in Prague, on the grounds of world-known Barrandov Film Studios.
The history of special effects dates back to year 1934, when a department was created to supply Special Effects to the expanding film industry. Flash Barrandov became fully independent in 1994 and set as its prime objective to provide special effects services to the Film, Television and Commercial or Advertising Industries.
By extending unique film special effects experience into yet another field, they successfully opened their very own door to the wonderful world of fireworks. The company fireworks team created and produced original and spectacular projects in four continents.
Since 1998 Flash Barrandov SFX has been one of principal organizers of Ignis Brunensis International Pyromusical Competition on the lake in Brno, Czech Republic.

Straight to the Heart
Their new pyromusical show is titled « Straight to the Heart », as a titular song of Sina Vodjani.
Emotions, romance, humor and eroticism, turbulence and esotericism in fiery visualization. Straightforward blending of fire against diverse and cosmopolitan musical background, as well as sensitive correspondence to text lyrics. Hundreds of shots will aim the hearts of audiences, « Straight to the heart! ».
The design of the Straight to the Heart came into being exclusively from the realm of beautiful melodies and outstanding singing performances.
Music and fire as a joyful duet, with playfulness of thousands of sparks on
Summer sky, energy radiating from countless flowers blooming in the heat, in Emotional consonance, in common rhythm, in simultaneous precious moment of celebration…

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