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Saturday 17 March 2018 - 20:30
Théâtre La Licorne
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En acoustique avec Gil Dor - Music


With a tone of voice of rare purity and emotional intensity; a musical register capable of traversing the genres of blues, jazz and pop, and interwoven with oriental influences; deep and profoundly humanist convictions and a social & political engagement for peace which highlight her underlying artistic choices: this is just a glimpse of what makes Noa so special. Her career has been marked by highly symbolical and original performances, that overflow with meaning. Seeing her on stage, in a configuration of delicately intimate charm, with her long-term artistic partner, the guitarist and artistic director, Gil Dor, at her side, is a wonderful opportunity to hear this ‘voice’, which carries us around the world while touching everyone in the heart, not only because she sings in 6 languages, but because these songs resonate like a musical esperanto.

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Duration : 90mn

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