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Any seaside resort is by definition a popular destination for families. With its many beaches, Cannes offers a huge playground for children. And to vary the pleasures, the city does not lack of resources or good locations. Parks and landscaped gardens, discovery nature, park and game room, rides, and cultural workshops.  Not counting the theme parks and equestrian centers in a near area, and the boat trip to the Lérins Islands. All for the pleasure of both adults and children.

The Good Spots

Discover all the good locations to occupy your children. Share with them moments of entertainment that you enjoy as much as them. Between the outdoor activities of the beach clubs, equestrian clubs and playgrounds, the indoor space of games at Fun City, the many parks and gardens, and the Camp Trapper for a sporting adventure, you can insert a half-day cultural with the workshops organized by the Museum de la Castre and the Sea Museum. Two theme parks of large scale, Phoenix Park and Marineland, are located further in Nice and Antibes.

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Boat to the Lérins Islands

Escape from Cannes to discover the Lérins Islands with your children. Enjoy a boat ride 15 minutes away from the Quai Laubeuf  to join Sainte-Marguerite or Saint-Honorat. At the same time enjoy a cultural visit with the Royal Fort, the Sea Museum and the abbey of Lérins, a sensory discovery of unspoiled nature. The Lérins Islands will not fail to amaze your children by their authentic atmosphere of an exceptional serenity.

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