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Cie F/Arthur Perole

Tuesday 10 December 2019 - 20:30

Théâtre En Dracénie
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Monday to Saturday from 10h to 18h and one hour before each performance at the place of performance.

- Dance


Arthur Perole constructed Ballroom, his 2019 creation, from a reflection on practicing dance as a way of freeing the body.

What do the Tarantella and Voguing have in common? What is the link between a traditional dance from southern Italy and the performing dance from underground gay clubs in NY in the 1980s? Extravagance and trance functioning as a safety valve in the face of social or physical suffering, in the case of the Tarentella, deemed to relieve the suffering caused by a spider bite. Arthur Perole, full of the energy of these dances, uses them as a creative spark. However, Ballroom is above all a piece that is both political and poetic. Political because the choreography makes you think of communion, being together and mutual attention, but also of collective release. It questions the strength of a group meeting, of community, but also outlines the oppressive crushing power of society. The piece aims to touch the audience, to send them a physical vibration, a sensory jolt. This is why as soon as Ballroom opens its doors, the six performers welcome the public in a carnival atmosphere, bodies already raised as far as possible, galvanized by the original percussive music of Giani Caserotto…the ritual may begin.

I always find it interesting to follow the approach of choreographers who choose to have their creations evolve.
This is the case with Arthur Perole in this work that would firstly have been a participatory performance, FOOL D’HIVER, at La Conciergerie, a performance entitled FOOL at the Château d’If, both within the framework of Monuments in movement, before being presented in its spectacular form in Draguignan within the framework of the Cannes Côte d’Azur Dance Festival. Much rooted in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, he will also create a solo for the Cannes Youth Ballet during this edition.

In 2007, Arthur Perole joined the Conservatoire National Supérieur for Music and Dance in Paris. At the end of this training, Arthur continued his career as a performer for numerous choreographers. Cie F was created in 2010 in Mouans-Sartoux and in 2018 moved to Marseilles where it still resides.


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