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Etienne Daho

Saturday 08 December 2018 - 20:30

Palais des Festivals et des Congrès - Grand Auditorium
Cannes Destination Etiennedaho


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Four years after Les Chansons de l’innocence retrouvée with its cinematographic feel, the chiaroscuro decor of the urbane and shady London of Francis Bacon and the Kray Brothers; and the haunting Diskönoir which sparked an ecstatic tour, Etienne Daho is ready for a new adventure.
This will take form under the name of Blitz, from Blizzkrieg; a way for the singer to signal his defiance, giving the finger to the ambient torpor, urging us to stay “light-hearted in the face of danger.” In the last few years he has emerged much stronger from his battles and has never lost his vibrant levity, or his prodigious inspiration. This is reflected by one of the most adventurous albums of his (almost) forty years of pop tightrope act, both a high-flying psychedelic fresco and compendium of ethereal ballads (Les Flocons de l’été, L’Étincelle) which add a few chapters to this version of French elegance in which Etienne Daho is the undisputed king.


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