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Friday 12 July 2019 - 21:00

Palais des Festivals et des Congrés - Terrasse Riviéra
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You only need a to listen to Jain for few seconds to know you have come across someone special. Choose a song – any song – and the effect is the same. You are instantly surprised, touched and smiling.

After her first album “Zanaka”, which was released in 2015 and became a diamond disc in France, won two Victoires de la Musique [French music award] and a Grammy Award nomination, we find Jain behind her instruments for a new and just as rousing live show with a mixed sound.
Accompanied by Yodelice, Jain has spent the last few months dealing with her second album, giving a slightly more in-depth grasp of this love of rhythm. Of course, it still has touch of Africa, like on the track “Oh Man”, accompanied by Malian kora player Sidiki Diabaté, son of the legendary Toumani.
With “Souldier”, this young girl who turned 26 this year is compounding her curiosity for the world and its variations. An album that has navigated different countries and varying inspirations while being written, and which was released quickly in order to resemble these in as far as possible. “Souldier” was born of a desire to blend the things she likes. And also, the desire to tackle current or timeless subjects and above all to live in this century, at a fast pace.

Part 1: Barry MOORE
Barry Moore is an Irish musician, author and composer, born on 14 May 1990 in London.
He was still a child when he plucked his first chords on the guitar of his father, who was then a musician in the clubs in north Dublin. At the age of 10, he left the country of his birth with his family and they set up home in San Francisco. It was in California, which inspires him so much, that his vocation for writing and music was born punctuated, just as with many adolescents, with learning to surf.
Returning to Europe, Barry Moore performed in the streets and on musical stages from Dublin to London, via Salamanca and Paris, amongst other places. During this time, he built up a solid basis as a musician and composer, a creator of melodies and rhythms with nuances as varied as the countries in which he has performed.
Barry Moore is an artist signed to Spookland Records, with which he is currently recording his first album supported by Maxim Nucci (Aka Yodélice).


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