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Maxime Le Forestier

Friday 22 November 2019 - 20:30

Palais des Festivals et des Congrés - Théâtre Debussy
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He hasn’t released an album for 6 years, even though the single La Vieille dame recorded live in 2017 proved to us that he had things to say…with style. Consequently, the release of this 16th opus is an event impatiently awaited by many, as the creator of the famous San Francisco has forged a loyal audience over the generations.

An emblematic figure of French chanson, he is offering us the chance to listen to a completely new score that is true to his image: an ode to simplicity and sobriety that distils a melodic poetry full of tenderness over the course of the tracks.

We discover an album crafted like a chronical, sung from the view of our modern society, multiplying the thoroughly apt references about its idiosyncrasies, its misfortunes…and its joys. A critique? Definitely, but there is plenty of material! Above all, we enjoy rediscovering his realistic verve, beautifully tinged with irony, as well as the warm vocal timbre given to emotion. We want more! : Very folk and melancholic, with a certain Celtic feel and a smidgen of Georges Brassens. And above all, a simplicity for which the artist is famed: no arrogant arrangements, no grand orchestral gestures, not too much appearance. : A project written by Maxime Le Forestier and composed by his son Arthur Le Forestier. Some ten new poetic, realistic or ironic tracks (…) a rich and clear wealth, with his customary elegance and comforting warmth.



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