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Roberto Negro

Tuesday 06 August 2019 - 21:00

Cannes Destination RNEGRO


+33 (0)4 92 98 62 77

Monday to Saturday from 10h to 18h and one hour before each performance at the place of performance

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With so much poetry, creativity and refined technical complexity, it is hardly surprising that Roberto Negro and his new trio won the “Album sensation” Victoire du Jazz during the last edition of the famous musical awards.
A poetic pianist and genial manipulator of sound; a brilliant saxophonist with a communicative spirit and a subtle drummer who sculpts rhythm: a wonderful band of artists in complete harmony who are breaking the boundaries of genre and inviting us along for the ride. Deploying with disconcerting ease the complex plays on sound and foreign timbre, they offer a true audible lucky dip teeming with a myriad of soundbites: bursts, fury, cascades, silence…this fusion spreads a melodic cloth prettily embroidered with electronic effects.
The latest opus by the Dadada trio, “Season 3”, evokes TV series and clearly demonstrates the structure of compact and incisive compositions, constructed with autonomous consistency like independent stories…that we are happy to imagine as we listen. This daring trio plays a score for us that is full of mysterious charm, profuse creativity and marked by an extreme quality of sequences through successions and melodic breaks.


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