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Théâtre du corps - Pietragalla/Derouault

Sunday 20 January 2019 - 17:00

Palais des Festivals - Grand Auditorium
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- Dance


By Alfred de Musset

With Marie-Claude Pietragalla, Julien Derouault, Abdel Rahym Madi, François Pain Douzenel, Anouk Viale ou Blandine Laignel, Simon Dusigne, Fanny Gombert, Caroline Jaubert, David Cami de Baix, Benjamin Bac and Olivier Mathieu.

A work of intense originality, in which two languages give rise to an unusual artistic expression: here dance escapes from the shackles of a banal role as an interlude to speak with the same voice as theatre. The choreographers have succeeded in achieving the symbiosis of two living arts, leading the performers of the Théâtre du Corps (Body Theatre) to dance a timeless, modern work which paints the portrait of humanity losing its bearings, searching for the absolute, illuminated by the words of a towering author. A duality which finds echoes in that of its central character, the two-faced Lorenzaccio, coward yet hero, grotesque yet sublime, debauched yet virtuous, who is ready to kill by imagining that he can redeem his errors. Marked by true cinematographic aesthetics, the show summons another remarkable character onto the stage: the hectic and libertine Florence of the 16th century, which comes to life in a teeming digital setting where 3D images intensify movement by projecting us into multiple places, both inside and out. Ambitious fresco and hybrid work, this ‘Lorenzaccio’ vibrates to the beats of two hearts: form and meaning!

Suitable for children over 10 and adults
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